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Anonymous asked: "how do you stay so positive about klaroline? whenever i read julie's interviews i want to cry becuse she says that klaroline is done. i want them to become endgame so bad"

My ultimate solution is to think of Dramione. :) It’s the most popular HP ship and millions of fans like it (I think they hold the record for the most fics in FFN haha!) but the writer herself doesn’t like it, just like Klaroline. We’re even luckier because we at least had canon romantic scenes, which Dramione never had.  

Of course, Hermione ended up with Ron and Draco with Astoria. But honestly, I think that only JK Rowling and maybe 100 Ron/Hermione fans accept that fact anyway. For everyone else, Draco and Hermione were endgame. Dramione is Dramione and even JK Rowling can’t do anything to change that. It’s still the biggest and most beautiful ship in the HP fandom and everyone knows that.

The same way, Klaroline is Klaroline and nobody can’t do anything to change that - not JP, not Carina, not even Barack Obama by any presidential decree. We’re still the biggest and most fabulous ship in the TVD fandom, and Klaroline will still be endgame no matter what happens in canon. :)

Anonymous asked: "Exactly. The people I hate the most are the ex Klaroliners who jump to Klayley and then say negative things about Klaroline and Klaroliners. If Klaroline was so bad then why did you ship it before and why did you befriend Klaroliners before? Why can't they be honest and just say I like Klayley more than Klaroline now so I'm leaving. Why do they want to look like victims who didn't want to leave but were forced to because they can't take the hate anymore."

For me the ‘I can’t take the hate anymore so I’m leaving and shipping Klayley from now on’ excuse is total bull.

For example, if I don’t like Justin Bieber and someone says “I hate Justin Bieber! He’s ugly and useless and his voice is awful! It’s unfair that he gets preferential treatment over other singers who sing better and I don’t get why record people like him!”, what would by reaction be?

Because I don’t like Justin Bieber, I would either not care about what was said about him, or I would actually agree. But if I like Justin Bieber, then I would be hurt by this hateful statement about him, precisely because I like him.

The same way, if I really don’t like Klayley and someone says “I hate Klayley! It’s forced and OOC and Phoebe Tonkin can’t act! It’s unfair that she’s basically the star of TO when Claire and Candice are better actresses, I don’t even get why CW likes Phoebe!” then I would either be indifferent or agree.

The only way I would get hurt over this statement is if I already like Klayley / Hayley / Phoebe in the first place.

So it’s not ‘I can’t take the hate so I’m leaving and shipping Klayley because they’re peaceful’. It’s ‘I ship Klayley so I can’t take the Klayley hate and I’m leaving.’

And yeah, I wish they’d just admit that. There is hate in Klayley too, a lot of them hate on Klaroline but the former Klaroline shippers don’t get hurt when Klayleys bash Klaroline, because they don’t like Klaroline anymore.


Shipping is a business.

We’ve invested nothing less than blood and sweat in Klaroline, and last week received our biggest pay off after all the smaller ‘profits’ we’ve been making since Season 3. But then Julie says it’s the end.

What do we do now?

Option 1: Retire

If you think 5x11 is already enough and you don’t need any more to sustain you for the rest of your life, then you can stop and ‘retire’ now. Live your remaining days (and I pray that those days are in the high 25,000’s, or 70 more years) happily and peacefully, knowing that Caroline admitted that she has feelings for Klaus and she showed him how she felt. We are canon and they can never take that away from us, Klaroline forever.

Option 2: Resign

2. If you feel like you’ve had enough of Klaroline and want something different, or if you think that this is really the end and and you don’t want to go down with a sinking ship, then feel free to go. Leave the fandom and invest on something else, whether it’s on another ship from TVD or TO, or another ship from another show.

After all, the practice of working for a company and then leaving it to work for another company, sometimes even direct competition, is as common as the practice of building a business and selling it later. Just remember, business is always a risk. New ventures may or may not pay off. If they pay off, and they pay off bigger than Klaroline, then good for you. If they don’t pay off, or they pay off smaller than Klaroline, then you can’t blame anyone other than yourself.

Consider carefully what you really want and how you really feel. If you think it’s time to go, do it. Just please, have some class and don’t trash the fandom you used to belong to just because you’re shipping something else now.

Option 3: Reinvest

If you think that this is just another bump in the road or if you love Klaroline so much that you’re willing to go down with it, then STAY. Cherish all our past pay offs, reinvest and give the ship even more, work hard to keep it afloat despite any Plec-induced recession.

There is not a single business in this world that never encountered a crisis situation. In reality, many fail and eventually go bankrupt. But the most successful businesses today got where they are now because their owners stayed during the down times. Bill Gates wouldn’t be the richest man in the world right now if he sold Microsoft during any of its many struggles in the past - and yes, though he’s retired from running it and Microsoft is still struggling even to this day, he still hasn’t given it up. He still owns it, he’s not selling it, and no matter what Apples says he’s still the richest person in the world right now.

Again, business is a risk. If we reinvest, there’s a big fat chance that we’ll bankrupt. But there’s also the chance that it can pay off again, and you know how big the payoff is when it comes to Klaroline. The internet exploded with 5x11, and that’s just one fucking scene, literally.

If you want to stay, then stay. Let’s either go down with this ship or sail to endgame together. :)

Relieved that at least I’m not the only Klaroliner who doesn’t really hate Damon. :)
And you’re right, seriouslycarolineforbes. I don’t care about who Elena ends up with… I just don’t know how on earth I’m not hating him to death because of what he did to Caroline though. :|


Relieved that at least I’m not the only Klaroliner who doesn’t really hate Damon. :)

And you’re right, seriouslycarolineforbes. I don’t care about who Elena ends up with… I just don’t know how on earth I’m not hating him to death because of what he did to Caroline though. :|


Anonymous asked: "klayley sex is more hot than klaroline sex"


Well, if for you “You’re just a fuck” is better than “You mean something to me and you will always mean something to me even after this.”, then yeah, I guess Klayley sex is hotter than Klaroline sex.

klarolinefanatic replied to your post: anonymous asked:You are as awesom…

not Harvey ? not Mike ? How can you not love Harvey ? :O

No, of course I love Harvey and Mike too. :) It’s just that in the hierarchy of my favourite characters:

1. Louis

2. Harvey

3. Donna

4. Mike

5.5. Harold

5.5. Nigel


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Caroline x Gabriel (SPN)


So I just wanted to share this really cool reply that I got from hotbloodedhunter about the really crack pairing Caroline x Gabriel. :)


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What I loved most about 5x11 is the way Caroline touched Klaus. It’s just.. man, look at her hands, look at how she holds him.

What I loved most about 5x11 is the way Caroline touched Klaus. It’s just.. man, look at her hands, look at how she holds him.

Guys, brace yourselves.

Of course Klaus is getting a new love interest.

That’s the only reason they had to ‘close’ Klaroline - because they can’t openly pursue new love interests for the two characters as long as there’s something that binds them together. They ended Klaroline (hah, as if that was possible) so he can be free to chase some other girl (maybe Camille, maybe Hayley, maybe this new witch character) and she can be free to fall in love with some other guy. (My bet is on Enzo… who for me is not a bad catch.)

And now that Klaus’ promise to stay away has apparently rendered null and void his other promise of waiting for Caroline to love him “however long it takes”, let’s brace ourselves because the road is going to get harsher.

There will be new love interests for Klaus and Caroline. They won’t think of each other for even one second, and they will virtually forget each other completely two episodes from now. There’s just no way of getting around it. For the rest of the near future, there will be no flashbacks, no mentions, no references to any past interactions – totally as if the last two seasons of TVD and 5x11 never happened. Let’s be smart enough not to expect help from either JoMo, who has now taken a new occupation as the Klamille banana boat’s captain, or Candice, who has never really been ‘fond’ of the ship to begin with.


Giving up is exactly what JP wants to happen. I bet all the (nonexistent) money I have in the world that right now she’s hoping that the end of Klaroline will also mean the end of the fandom. That people will either jump to other ships or quit shipping altogether. If that happens, the fandom will inevitably grow weaker and lose its influence – we won’t win polls won’t trend on social media, won’t have the power to raise viewership.

And then she won’t need to give a crap about us anymore because we won’t have anything that she can use.

There’s a reason why JP ‘ended’ Klaroline with a positive rather than a negative scene, unlike Maroline and Forwood, always remember that. As long as we can show her that no other ship will be bigger and better than the Klaroline fandom, she will always have to go back to KC. :)

Anonymous asked: "Not so smug now are you? Julie Plec ended Klaroline for Klayley and you know it! It's Klayley's time now!"


Newsflash hon, Klayley can be canon but it will never be KLAROLINE. :) You won’t even come close. Half a season of your precious show has passed, if you were going to be anything like us it should have happened now, but it has not. We exploded after ONE episode.

Where are your trends, what polls have you won? And by polls I mean legitimate media, you know, the ones that actually count, not some polldaddy thing you guys make so you can reset the votes for other couples because of course they get more votes than Klayley does.

Hell, Klefan will beat you one on one. :)

Anonymous asked: "IT'S BEEN SO LONG. UPDATE??? ONESHOT??? SOON?????"

Um… I wrote something last night…

I was trying to finish a couple of updates but the plot bunny just wouldn’t leave me be…

I don’t think you’re going to like it. :(

Yes the fact that I’m using all-Misha gif’s is a clue

I won’t tell you when I’ll post it because I realized that when I try to give posting dates it ends up not happening. :(

But you’ll see it on my blog or on FFN soon enough.

Right now all I can say is

Anonymous asked: "You are as awesome as Louis Litt."

Thank you! :) I looove Louis, he’s basically my favourite Suits character and I think he’s awesome and a total bitch at the same time and ugh I just wanna jump for joy over your message! :)

There’s a lot of anti Damon posts on my dash today…

and I’m a bit worried for myself because although Damon is far from being my favourite character… the truth is, I don’t really hate him.

I mean, I’m aware of the many selfish, inconsiderate, morally unacceptable things he’s done and I don’t even care enough about him to defend him - but for some reason I just don’t hate him as much as I hate, say, Elijah. I honestly think I can make a 10 page essay about how much Elijah infuriates me, but I can’t do the same for Damon because I just don’t feel any hate for him.

It’s like, a lot of times he’s annoying and I don’t like that, and a lot of times he’s also witty and funny and I like that. So I don’t really love him, but I also don’t hate him. I support fanon Daroline and I’ve even written a fic that has that, but I don’t really care about canon Daroline.

Am I the only one in my fandom who doesn’t hate Damon?

Is there something wrong with me for not hating him?

Anonymous asked: "Your posts are just the sweetest! One of the things I am so thankful is being a part of a fandom that truly is a family. I'm an anon so I basically lurk around tumblr but I always felt like I am part of something beautiful even if I have no "tumblr name". We have such an awesome loving fandom and to be honest I am so glad to have "met" you guys through this love we share for Klaroline. Plus it just amazes me that we are literally all over the world! I wish we could have a fandom hug!!!"

HUUUG! :) Thank you so much for your message, and yes, Klaroline is a family, the people here care about each other in ways that go beyond sharing a similar OTP. No matter what other people say for me this is the best fandom in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

And you should totally get yourself a tumblr name even if you don’t want to create an account! Like, at the end of your messages you just put ‘ – WhateverNameYouWantUstoCallYou’ so we know who you are and what we’ve talked about before! :)