"We reference fictional characters as if they’re people to learn from. As if real-life people are too nebulous, too private and too unreal for us to understand."

- Ilustrado, Miguel Syjuco


Yanabear says the most adorable things ever, doesn’t she? :)

Thankfully isolation period for Thomas Duncan’s family ends this morning and it looks like as of now no one else is sick, so hopefully the ebola count in Dallas stays at 3.

And I’m not at home now because of college but I will gladly take you up on going to your house and eating Klaroline cupcakes and reading KC fics! :)

There is a threat of an Ebola outbreak in my hometown right now and most of the people in my neighborhood still care more about the Nov. 4 elections for District 108 - which is not even the district we belong to. 

I seriously don’t know how to react to this.


According to rumors Klamille will kiss in 2x04. I want to throw up.

Five topics that are far more interesting than anything that will ever happen to Klaus and Camille:

1. The operational framework of Mexican drug cartels.

How much does it cost for a pound of cocaine to be transported from Juarez to Chicago? How does one intercepted shipment affect the overall supply and demand chain for smuggled drugs in an area? How do drug cartels continue to operate despite the arrests of 90% of top cartel leaders since 2000? This is my senior thesis waiting to be written. :)

2. Intrauterine cannibalism in lamniforme sharks.

Fun trivia: in lamniforme sharks, the strongest embryo eats its weaker siblings – yes, while they’re still in their mother’s womb. A pregnancy may start with five to twelve embryos but ultimately only one or two shark pups will be born and those survivors will have eaten all of their other womb mates.

3. The debate on pre-marital sex among Middle Earth elves.

Tolkien’s writing says that to consummate a marriage, elves have sex. Tolkien’s writing (and logic) does not say that if elves have sex, then it must be to consummate a marriage. So do Middle Earth elves stay celibate until marriage or is pre-marital sex an acceptable practice? Me, I think I want to write some LegolasxCaroline smut. :)

4. The sustainability of a mid lane Lina in the current Dota 2 meta game.

Don’t mind me I just miss the good old Vigoss Lina mid games. I mean aside from the good old Alliance and Fnatic teams. And the good old EHOME and IG teams. And the good old Panda Storm and Brewmaster. And the good old DC commentaries. And generally everything about the good old DotA days.

5. Who is more annoying/ridiculous/stupid: Julie or Carina?

I know, right, that question is so difficult! And I haven’t even added Michael Narducci to the choices yet!


Exactly they ripped off the naked Elena scene and turned it into that naked Hayley scene. How original. Not.

The ‘Originals’:

10% spin off
90% rip off
100% crap


I hope you get ebola

Oh wow, I am so glad I don’t belong to the same fandom as you. :)

Ladies and gentlemen, the hopes and dreams of an anti Klaroline stan.


um... apparently Jane The Virgin got better ratings than TO... *laughs*

Imagine what Julie would say if Jane the Virgin got better ratings than TO.


And given the widely positive reception to the show I don’t think this is unlikely.

So apparently Jane the Virgin actually had better raw ratings than TO.


Imagine what Julie would say if Jane the Virgin got better ratings than TO.

And given the widely positive reception to the show I don’t think this is unlikely.

The biggest reason why I haven’t left the KC fandom is not Klaroline.

It’s the Klaroliners, whose friendship makes every single day in this fandom worth staying for, no matter what happens to Klaus or Caroline. :)


So you're not going to ship Carenzo because some Klamilles and Klayleys ship Carenzo?

No. I shipped Carenzo before 6x02 and I will ship it as long as I want to – I’m just not gonna go to that tag all the time, in contrast to the Klaroline tag which I go to every time I’m on tumblr.

When I say that going to the Klaroline tag feels like coming home to my family, I mean it. I feel very comfortable and warm and happy here, and it’s so easy to think of everyone who posts (except the trolls) as friends, even if I don’t really know them.

If I see someone unfamiliar post something in the tag, I don’t have to think twice about messaging that stranger, striking up a conversation, building a friendship. Whatever her nationality/political views/favourite TV shows/other ships are, I feel like the fact that we both ship Klaroline prevails and just trumps everything else we can disagree on. I feel a strong sense of affinity towards people who ship Klaroline, like we’re part of the same gang or something. :))

With the Carenzo tag, I just don’t feel that same sense of ‘home’ given the fact that there are Klayleys and Klamilles there. Klamilles I don’t mind so much, but Klayleys I definitely can’t stand. I have nothing personal against them and they’re free to ship whatever they want to ship – I just personally prefer not to have any association with them. The fact that they ship Carenzo too isn’t enough for me to feel any kind of affinity towards them, and I actually balk at the thought of us ‘belonging’ to the same fandom.


Hi KC writer~ I'm a KC shipper who enjoy ur stories! I hope you will write a drabble or story of Klaus/Caroline/Enzo in the future!!!!! Klaus VS Enzo showdown ftw~!!!

#6 in the list of the stories I want to write but can’t due to MIA muse

these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone

Getting married is easy. Just pick a beautiful girl, win her father over, throw a big party and poof! Instant bride. Getting your wife to fall in love with you when she’s still holding on to the greatest love of her life – that’s the difficult part. Enzo/Caroline/Klaus.

sadly but honestly

I ship Klaroline and whenever I go to the Klaroline tag I’m like “Hi family, I’m home!”

I ship Koroline and whenever I go to the Koroline tag it I’m like “Hey gurl you ready to party?”

I ship Carenzo but when I went to the Carenzo tag after 6x02 and saw a bunch of Klayleys and Klamilles in there declaring that they ship Carenzo, I was immediately like “You’re not my family and you’re never gonna be my friends so if you’re hanging out here then I’m just gonna look for another place to chill.”



I checked out your writing, its great! Do you write any poetry?

Thank you so much! Teehee no I don’t, and before Klaroline I actually never wrote fiction as well, so really you have no idea how happy I am about all the kind words I’ve been getting for my writing. :)