There is no such thing as too much Legolas on a tumblr dash. :)

“Would you oblige me if I asked what that was about?”

That, ‘Lijah, is called ‘smiling at a woman who is not Niklaus’ girlfriend’.”

“…That’s what I was afraid of.”

i RARELY do these things, but…

Thank you channelmodern and peachyforbes for the tag. :)

1. Name: Erica
2. url: erica-dreams-in-colour
3. blog name: metachromatic
4. crush:


5. favorite color: blue violet at the moment
6. write something in caps: GIVE ME CHOCOLATE
7. favorite band/artist: David Garrett
8. favorite number: don’t have one
9. favorite drink: milk, apple juice

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and yes this post is a shameless ploy to have more fabulous elves on my blog. :)


I have to ask you: what made you start shipping Legoline? You brought the level of crackshipping to another dimension literally!

Thank you, I take that as a compliment! :) The thing is, I absolutely love LOTR, I love elves, and I love Legolas and his dad to death. I don’t love TVD and I’m not that fond of vampires but I do love Caroline, and to me she is worthy of being shipped with the most awesome elf on Middle Earth. :)


Did you see the spoiler about witches erasing Klaus' memories of MF?

Of course we can only speculate until Julie herself confirms or denies this, but for my part I don’t see how on earth they can pull this off. Remember that it’s not only Caroline that happened to Klaus in MF:

– He broke the hybrid curse there

- He undaggered Bekah there (not in MF per se, but it happened during the time he was spending most of his time in MF)

- Finn and Kol died there

- He slept with Moon Moon there

- He killed his Dad there

If he forgets all of that, then TO is gonna open a can of worms even bigger than the ones they did with the horrible baby plot.

So IMHO, this ‘spoiler’ isn’t true. Unless they qualify that the memories he’ll forget are only the memories involving Caroline. In which case


Teehee I love this crack ship to death but no drabbles in the near future because I am trying to focus all my nonexistent writing energy into Klaroline. Edits will pop up frequently though. :)

For everyone feeling sad/tired/hopeless about Klaroline right now


I just want to share this conversation I had with Stephanie. :)

No matter how down you feel about our ship now, I hope this helps remind you that despite the sad circumstances we keep finding ourselves in, we will always have something beautiful because we will always have each other. :) And as long as we have each other, we have Klaroline. :)

And I don’t want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything’s made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am


Why don't you update your fics instead of posting random edits we don't really need ?

graphic by r-navy.tumblr

they call him cruel, they call him cold
but once, a long time ago
he asked me how i thought she might forgive him

I would like to see Katherine crossing over to TO so she can slap some sense into Elijah.

And while she’s at it maybe she could stab some sense into Klaus too.