Anonymous asked: "Are you gonna update solstice?"

Likely after That I Give You Not My Hand, which I’m working on right now. In fact I just spent a three hour shower thinking about  what’s gonna happen next. O_O

she dreams in colour, she dreams in red

she dreams in colour, she dreams in red

Sometimes I wonder why there’s basically no ‘Anti Candice Accola’ tag on tumblr, as opposed to the existence of a fairly active ‘Anti Phoebe Tonkin’ tag.

But then I think, even if Hayley/Phoebe stans wanted to hate on her, she’s done virtually nothing ‘hate-able’.

Anonymous asked: "Wait. Is Take Down the "big budget movie" that anon was talking about? I checked the imdb page and the only notable producer/director/writer seems to be the dude who directed I Know What You Did Last Summer which was 17 years ago. My bet is Take Down goes straight to DVD."

I don’t know, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be bothered to check. :D Maybe she’s talking about Bait - you know, that movie where this wonderfully acted scene came from.


Anonymous asked: "Hello..I just finished reading your one shot Pink Slip and I was wondering if you were going to maybe do a second part to it? I know it's supposed to be just one chapter but I'm curious to know how Klaus does with the charming of Caroline on the date as he tries and makes toward the 'he would make sure that his car isn't the only thing that Caroline rides'...I loooove your end suggestion of a shirtless Klaus helping wash Caroline's car too. Ahh, excited just thinking about possibly reading more!"

Hi, thanks for taking the time to drop by! Yup, a second chapter is on the board because Klaus is determined to get Caroline and tell you what, he’ll even enlist the help of the police if he has to. Needless to say, it’s not going to be an ordinary date. :)

I have to be honest though, I’m not going to write it soon because there are other fics on my priority list right now… but you’ll see one day I’ll surprise you with an update.


Anonymous asked: "Omg I just started reading your story Solstice and I realized you haven't updated in like a year. Can I first say it's amazing and also do you have any plans of updating? *crosses my fingers and prays to the almighty *"

My reactions when I read your message:

Omg I just started reading your story Solstice -‘


’- and I realized you haven’t updated in like a year.’


'Can I first say it's amazing -'


’-and also do you have any plans of updating?’


*crosses my fingers and prays to the almighty *

thefrenglishgirl replied to your post “If Phoebe and Candice were both up for the award Phoebe would win. In case you didn’t notice she’s the one who gets roles in big budget shows and movies because she’s beautiful editorially and can act well. Candice is commercial and isn’t even known outside US. So shut up and just be thankful that TCA let Candice have that nomination.”

Is this stan high? And high on what? It looks like hardcore stuff.

I think she came to my house and drank my dog’s dewormer.

Anonymous asked: "If Phoebe and Candice were both up for the award Phoebe would win. In case you didn't notice she's the one who gets roles in big budget shows and movies because she's beautiful editorially and can act well. Candice is commercial and isn't even known outside US. So shut up and just be thankful that TCA let Candice have that nomination."


Anonymous asked: "Did you delete Solstice? :("

No I did not, I swear I would cut my hand off before I delete any of my fics! Maybe you just looked for it in the wrong account?

Fics with 5+ chapters (Solstice, Lay All Your Love on Me, Only Red Flames Live Here Now) are in my account

Fics with -5 chapters are in my account

Happy reading!

OMG if Candice Accola and Phoebe Tonkin were both in the running for Female Scene Stealer…

I don’t know if I would’ve been happy or worried.


Did I miss anything or did the Teen Choice Awards really snub The Originals big time?

I mean, I really believe that CMD should be in the Male Scene Stealer list. Sure he’s not-that-seasoned and it shows sometimes, but for the most part his acting has been solid.

And I was half expecting that Phoebe Tonkin would be in the Female Scene Stealer list. Simply because she always manages to get to places where I don’t believe she belongs.

I’ve written 14 fics and by this time you’d think I’d be so used to getting reviews that they don’t matter to me that much anymore,

but the thing is, they still do. They will always do. Every single comment, every single favourite, every single alert - they make me happy and I cherish each and every one of them. :)

So guys, just… Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. :)

Rather than say “Congratulations The Originals for being nominated in the Emmy’s”, I say “Congratulations Colleen Labaff and Kimberly Spiteri for being nominated in the Emmys”.

I highly doubt that there are any other people aside from the two who contributed significant effort in the hairstyling for 1x12, and to refer to the entire show as nominated for an Emmy implies that majority of the cast and crew did so.

The way I see it, it’s not the acting of the cast, the story written by the writers or the cinematic effort of the director/production staff that got the Emmy nod. It’s hairstyling – the work of no one else but the hairstylists. They and not the entire show should primarily be recognized for the achievement.

Look at it this way. Tim Coppens won the CFDA Swarovski Award for Men’s Wear this year, and you don’t hear anyone saying “Congratulations random model / random sewer / random PR company for winning the CFDA Swarovski Award for Men’s Wear, since Tim Coppens won it and you’re part of his company too.”

Because even though the model wore Tom’s suit, the sewer sewed the actual clothes and the PR company produced the show where the world saw the clothes in all their glory, it’s still primarily Tim’s work– his designs – that CFDA is honoring. Had another model worn the clothes, another sewer sew them or another PR company produce the show, it wouldn’t matter. Tim Coppen’s design would still be outstanding.

The same way, even though the cast rocked the stylists’ look, the writers wrote the story that made the opportunity for that styling possible and the production staff shot the episode that showcased the hairstyles to the entire world, it’s still the hairstylists’ work that the Emmys is recognizing. If the stylists worked in PLL instead of TO and the PLL writers wrote another ‘dream’ episode where the PLL girls got sent back to the 1800’s, there’s no reason to think that the hairstylists wouldn’t have been nominated for an Emmy for their work in PLL.

To think that a hairstyle looked beautiful only because it was on Claire Holt and that it will look disastrous if Troian Bellisario or Ashley Benson wears it instead is just crazy.

So to Colleen Labaff and Kimberly Spiteri, a sincere congratulations to you for being nominated in the Emmys. And to The Originals… gahd why am I even bothering to pretend that I want to say anything to you.

I don’t understand why I feel a special fondness for Stydia when I honestly haven’t even watched a single episode of Teen Wolf.

Thank you so much lovelies for your patience and never-ending support, and I swear you have an update coming to you soon. :) I’ve already made the gifset for this, now all I have to do is finish the fic.

 As for Carenzo… to be honest I’m starting to get, er, slightly worried about this. I feel very strongly for this pairing and I really believe that That I Give is the perfect set-up for the Caroline/Enzo relationship that I want to write about, but at the same time I always keep in mind that this is a Klaroline story and its readers are primarily Klaroline fans. Yes, I can assure you that Klaroline is endgame – but I really think that the things that might happen in the middle with Carenzo might turn you off from the fic if I don’t handle it right, so I want to make sure that I’m able to write this story in a way that would make all of us - me as a writer and you as readers - happy. :)